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Barbara Pender

How does a girl with shy tendencies grow up to be in the field of Social Media? Second oldest from a family of five, mother was a Drama/English teacher (retired) and father is a Barber (and strict disciplinarian). I grew up during the integration school era (no I’m not that old), but if that school had a majority race then we could be assigned there. I missed many buses because I was seen and not heard, I had to overcome that (social mediate it). My siblings were all more popular than me, (I almost didn’t mind that), until I was branded as somebody else’s sister and not my own identity. So just outside of Liberty City, where I was raised by both parents and grandparents, how did I go from the quiet one to Social Media Strategist and now Co-Author of “The Relationship Age”? If you want something, go and get it – nobody is gonna bring it to you, chile ~ “Grandma” You are so brilliant you can do anything – who else? ~ “Momma” You can make it easy on yourself or you can make it hard ~ “Daddy” So meet lil’ Ba Ba, nicknamed Daffy (most people don’t know that). I am a Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, pursuing my PMP and Certified Social Media Strategist. I would love to connect with you: www.yoursocialactivist.com/blog www.twitter.com/_socialactivist www.facebook.com/socialactivist www.linkedin/barbarapender www.tungleme/barbarapender Here’s hoping you have enjoyed getting to know a piece of me, enjoy the book!