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Azhar Khan

Name: Azhar Khan City: Gold Coast Company: Sabistar Pty Ltd Website: www.azharkhan.me Azhar is a solutions and media architect, international speaker, consultant, mentor and coach, with diverse experience in many industry sectors. For over 20 years he has built a valuable repertoire of knowledge that combines with his technical skillset and competencies for training and leadership development. Born in Zimbabwe, Africa in 1971, he began his own publishing company at the age of 24, which later developed into an advertising agency that worked with blue chip corporate companies and developing communities in 3rd world countries. He continues to create solutions for businesses and nongovernmental organisations. His strength lies in understanding business on a global scale, combined with creative, technical and production skills. He seamlessly integrates customer journeys with highly enriched user experiences to build vision and purpose to any project. He understands the complexity of technology along with global business and simplifies the jargon in a way that leads to the successful execution of strategies, tactics and business plans. Azhar moved to Australia in 2001 and spent over 10 years researching personal development, NLP and achievement technologies, discovering how they influence mass communication. During this time, he extended his entrepreneurial skills to magazine publishing and web development in the tourism industry. In 2006/7 he spent time in Dubai discovering global focus areas for consumers and how new modern global cultural centers will influence global change in the future. His dedication to technology and its uses has enabled him to present, and work with, Fortune 500 companies, governments and individuals around the globe. Azhar is also a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neurological Re-patterning. He is a Demartini Method ™ Facilita148 tor for Groups and and is a Certified Performance and Results Coach. Website contact: http://www.azharkhan.me