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Asara Lovejoy

Asara Lovejoy, bestselling author of The One Command and president and founder of The One Command Global Corp., has touched millions of lives in her Clear Channel radio career and thousands more as a speaker, keynote presenter and trainer worldwide. Asara says, “I get to live my highest values of awakened consciousness and transformation every day. In that moment of my own down-andout loss, not only did I receive the content of an understanding of living life differently as shared in The One Command, but by applying those very principles I went from nearly broke to generating more than $2 million in revenue (and still growing). This growth came, not from a material product that’s easy to value but an intangible idea. My greatest joy is seeing the lives of individuals change dramatically for the better and seeing business owners and entrepreneurs develop revenue and profits in a completely new way, with the power of their minds. Since publishing the book, a wave of requests for more information reaches The One Command organization every day. We’ve been in direct contact with more than 300,000 individuals (growing daily) who love The One Command and want to apply it for change in their life. Here are some ways you can find out more and receive support for making the changes you want: First, please go to www.bookguide.asara.com and immediately receive your gifts from us as our way of saying thank you. You’ll get the MP3 guided meditation to go through the six steps and make your Command, a PDF of the six steps to print, our very popular MP3 “Six Steps to Mastering The One Command,” and the complete “Meet The One Command Program.” Wow, that’s a lot, and I think you’ll enjoy the material! We also have a large worldwide One Command community where you can ask questions, be supported, and learn more with daily One Command messages that inspire, uplift and encourage. You’ll find us at www.onecommandlife.com. In addition, you’ll find great articles, blogs and much more. Visit all our websites as each one is rich in content with specific information. Using Your Innate DNA Success Gene to Achieve Profit www.bookguide-asara.com www.onecommandlife.com www.asara.com www.commandingwealth.com For direct contact, you can email us at [email protected] or call (855) 862-4636 (TOC-INFO).