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Anolia Facun

Anolia Orfrecio Facun, known as “Ms. Total Wellness,” is an active Community Health Advocate and a bestselling author (of her book “Yes! The Secrets Work,” reaching #1 for Happiness and #2 for Mental Health categories at Amazon). Anolia is also being referred to as the “Make a Difference Lady” for her dynamic contributions both in the business field or in non-profit functions at schools, churches, homeless shelters, etc. - wherever she may be involved. Though she shys away from attention - wanting to maintain a simple private life, she’s sought after internationally to share her knowledge and experiences in both business and not-for-profit services. She founded recently what has now become the “Total Wellness = Abundance” Project with the purpose of reaching out to individuals, businesses, and communities to go back to basic human principles for dealing with, or managing, their daily personal, career, business or social lives. Anolia came to the United States of America in her early twenties with a suitcase and a few dollars in hand. She held three licenses: a Registered Nurse’s license with Bachelors Degree in Nursing (fifteen years); an insurance license dealing with insurance and other financial services for seven years; and a Real Estate license for four years to gain more avenues and experiences on RE investments. With her passion for teaching total wellness and preventive health care, she pursued businesses or services that promoted preventive medicine and community health as other means of helping people while helping self. She has received, together with her husband as a life and business partner, numerous awards and recognitions from her business and community involvements. She feels blessed for being able to live a very colorful, meaningful and purposeful life. Now she wants to share with others, who otherwise may not have a chance, her acquired knowledge and experience of thirty years, so they may also benefit. In all these, she acknowledges God to be her ultimate source for everything. At least fifty percent of her earnings go to various programs, projects and charities that contribute to the wellness of individuals, children and their families; and to elevate the dignity of humankind. To learn more about Anolia, the “MAD Lady” or “Ms. TWA” and how she can share with your group the 7 life-changing secrets to reaching your potential and living life with purpose, visit www.YesTheSecretsWork.com or call toll free 1-888-873-0511. Yes! The Secrets Work! brings a message of HOPE and VICTORY in today’s tough times. It is about making a difference and being part of the SOLUTION! It provides your needed ‘antidote’ for today’s many challenges. Amazon Bestseller in various non-fiction categories including: Health, Mind & Body, Self-Help, Motivational, Personal Transformation, #2 in Mental Health, #1 in Happiness.