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Andrew Shorten

Paul Gunter and Andrew Shorten have been running online businesses since the early nineties, working in over 20 profitable niches. They joined forces in 2003 and combined their expertise to become online marketing consultants, speakers and authors. Paul and Andrew are authors of, ‘How To Fill Your Small Business With Non-Stop Customers, Money, Success And Growth’ which is available via their website www.HowToGrowABusiness.co.uk and on Amazon. In 2010, they founded www.SEOEssex.co.uk. This specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). It has grown to become a leading search-marketing agency in the UK. Their system has helped hundreds of businesses get to the first page of Google, placing their businesses directly in front of a crowd of hungry, ready-to-buy customers. They are driven to teach serious-minded Internet business owners and entrepreneurs, that virtually any business holds the potential to grow exponentially and become hugely profitable. Paul and Andrew are completely dedicated to their clients. They have a proven track record of helping their clients ‘explode’ their existing traffic, and thus ensure they out-market and out-sell the competition. To learn more about Paul and Andrew, and receive valuable business marketing information and discover powerful techniques that could skyrocket sales and returns in your business, visit: www.BusinessMarketingStrategy.co.uk