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Andrew Cline

As a certified information geek, Andrew Cline finds fulfillment in each new task he is presented...finding great gratification in the intense process of becoming engrossed in knowledge. He has essentially evolved into a human compass in his coaching work at The CIO Coach, guiding his clients into new and exciting business territory. But his supportive talents also aptly compliment these trailblazer qualities, because Andrew is a self-described confidant and insightful companion for those who need help discovering their voice.

Andrew’s goals are to not only help others achieve at work, but he also ventures to help others overcome personal issues they may be facing—lending anyone who needs a helping hand the opportunity to work through whatever issues that may be ailing him or her. This problem-solving attitude has assisted his teams in several instances overcome obstacles and work together as a like-minded and undistracted group. He is an all-around team player with the greater goals in mind.

Furthermore, his ability to logically connect points of confusion and translate them into new and thoughtfully-cultivated solutions makes him the best at what he does. And his organizational techniques allow him to build lasting relationships based on trust and delivery...leading to nearly all of his customers seeking his assistance in additional work endeavors. Andrew has never done the same job twice. And he adapts to each new situation with enthusiasm and interest—allowing the results to speak for themselves—refusing to get hung up on the application of fixed methodologies. He brings value to every business growth effort, and his visionary attitude places him in a invaluable position.

And when Andrew isn’t being the superhero for his clients, he can be found lending his volunteer spirit to raising money for those in need and at-risk individuals—which provides quick responses to those who need support while assisting them in finding long-term help through existing social services.

He hopes to always leave things better than he found them.

More information about Andrew can be found at: www.rouguemgt.com.