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Andre Voskuil

Born in the Netherlands, mentored by one of the world’s best commodity traders, Andre Voskuil made a name for himself in Europe’s financial industry. He managed a portfolio of over half a billion dollars for celebrities and high profile clients before reaching the age of 30. His professional career has spanned from institutional investments to senior executive positions in both public and private companies. Andre is known as the “Dutch Oracle” for making accurate predictions in the markets and his uncanny ability to analyze companies and businesses. Among some of his foresights are publicly calling the 2008 debt crisis and the unprecedented rise of gold and oil. Business leaders and investors around the world consult with Andre to receive his independent expert analysis and practical advice. “Andre is the master at putting his finger on the right spot by asking astute questions with surgical precision and clarity,” says accomplished serial entrepreneur Carman Adair. Pursuing new opportunities, Andre and his family made the bold decision to leave the comfort of their established life and in 2005 moved to British Columbia, Canada. Andre founded a private oil and gas company, which is successfully listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange and he is intimately familiar with both private and public companies. As a corporate executive and President of businesses, Andre has been through multiple ups-and-downs and gained extensive knowledge and experience in investments and finance. He has also raised millions of dollars and actively invests in companies with his inner circle of investors. Andre is passionate about helping investors and entrepreneurs to preserve and grow their wealth. He works with high profile clients to help them manage their investments and businesses and acts as their trusted advisor and personal confidante. His style is professional, unique and brutally honest, yet, compassionate. “I have worked with thousands of professional investors from all over the world. Andre’s ability to analyze investments is in a class of its own. You want him on your team,” says Rob Plukker, senior executive manager with institutional market leader Reuters. In his personal life, Andre is deeply committed to his family. Together with his wife Ineke and their two boys, he enjoys living in Canada’s “playground” of the sunny Okanagan Valley. This is where he plays his favorite game of golf and embraces life to the fullest. For more information visit: www.DutchOracle.com and receive Andre’s Special Report revealing: “The 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make That Erodes Their Wealth.”