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AJ LeBlanc

AJ LeBlanc is the Managing Partner of Car-mercial.com, a digital marketing company that created a proprietary software platform that leads the automotive industry in video search engine optimization (SEO). AJ LeBlanc is a frequent contributor to industry publications, including Auto Success, Dealer Marketing Magazine, and Canadian Auto Dealer magazine. AJ is a popular conference and 20 Group speaker, leading workshop presentations on video marketing and optimization. His automotive conference participation includes Digital Dealer, Digital Marketing Strategies Conference (DMSC), Automotive Boot Camp, and PCG Pit Stops. AJ and his team at Car-mercial launched CarBuyersEngine.com in 2011, the first video search portal in the automotive industry. The Car-Mercial.com software platform produces, optimizes, distributes and manages videos for first-page rankings of popular search phrases for car dealers’ brands and markets. AJ was born in New Haven, Connecticut, and raised in Vero Beach, Florida. He received his MBA from National University in San Diego and currently resides in South Florida.