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Vijay Nyayapati

Vijay Nyayapati is the founder of Redbrick Technology Ltd (formerly Computer Support Company Ltd), an IT company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Vijay brings over 23 years’ experience in the IT industry.

Vijay has been working with technology since the eighties, which naturally got him interested in pursuing an education and career in information technology.

With the constantly changing security scenario and an overload of information available to small and medium-sized businesses, Vijay realized that SMBs did not protect their IT systems and networks well enough to prevent attacks and data theft. The security focus by many other IT providers was reserved for the ‘elite’ corporate clients. Therefore, he has made it his personal mission now to ensure that SMBs protect themselves against this growing threat, without breaking the bank!

For more information about Redbrick Technology Ltd or to learn how you can protect your valuable data, visit www.redbrick.nz.