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Tyrell Gray

Tyrell Gray graduated from Utah State University with a dual Bachelors Degrees in Economics and Business Finance. Once he graduated he managed his first business, a flooring business that he and his partner took from a startup company to a thriving company bringing in over $550,000 thousand in sales annually.

Tyrell then moved in to the financial arena working for a branch of HSBC the third largest bank in the world. As one of their account executives he quickly rose through the ranks and realized an affinity for real estate finance. He was recruited from HSBC to manage a local mortgage company closing over $3,000,000 million dollars in real estate in their first year. Tyrell was again recruited to appear as a guest speaker and expert explaining the intricacies of real estate and the mortgage industry.

Tyrell moved into the real estate arena full time in 2003 building custom homes and developing properties in the real estate boom experienced across the United States. During that time Tyrell helped developed a business system, where he and his business partner were able to purchase over $130 million dollars in REO properties in less than 11 months. They continue to use this business model to help investors and local residents stabilize the foreclosure market and provide solid returns for investors.

Tyrell has been recognized as one of the foremost leaders in the real estate industry, he has been a guest speaker on multiple radio stations, featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. He has also been in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and News Week. Tyrell was also one of the authors in the best selling Book “Shift Happens” that was published in the fall of 2009, helping business owners adjust to the major shifts to the economy.

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