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Travis Lanaghan

Travis Lanaghan has always been told since he was young that “you can be the best at whatever you put your mind to,” and he has done just that. He is a hard-working husband and father who has sacrificed time away from his family to support them...wanting the best for them. Family is very important to him as that is his reason why he has such a desire and need for helping people today.

He is a man that sets out to be the best person on the job because of a relentless dedication that he found obtaining his first job. Travis is someone that will never surrender and will not settle for second best, he might fall short but he never stops. To him the day-to-day challenge of learning something new thrills him as it’s a way to be better than he was yesterday.

Travis is transitioning from working for someone to working for himself as an entrepreneur, the President of his company he has founded with his wife. Travis wants to make a difference in this world, in our work society; he makes sure everywhere he goes, every job he is at, that he makes a name for himself, that he leaves with everyone knowing him as the best, everyone wanting him.

Travis found his passion for objective writing at the young age of 15 years old, always set out to tell the truth, not going along with what others wanted him to write. He writes from the heart, his writing has passion, it’s real and it’s raw. He’s been locally published and written about.

Life has not always been easy for Travis as he moved miles away from what was comfortable to him at a young age, his marriage has had more downs than ups but leaning on his Faith and in pursuit of being the best he can be, he is now able to do what he loves, sharing what he knows with you – to make you a better person in whatever situation you might find yourself in.

You can connect with Travis at:
[email protected]