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Travis Barnes

Travis Barnes is known as ”Max Metabolic” for the maximum metabolic disturbance that he creates in his clients with the workouts he writes. He is a bestselling author and fitness guru. Travis’ success is built on achieving extraordinary results for people where other trainers failed. He is the C.O.O. of ProCare Physical Fitness, which now includes four personal coaching centers. As C.O.O., Travis has the job of developing coaches to a level of excellence that will help them give every client the breakthrough they are looking for. Travis partners with every coach at ProCare to oversee the development and administration of each client’s program. Travis is an ACE certified trainer with a certification in sports nutrition as well. Travis has over 20 years invested in fitness. He has worked in all areas of fitness working as a Coach, Program Director, Manager, SPIN instructor, Swiss Ball instructor, group instructor, program designer and now C.O.O. Travis states “My biggest reward is never the pay. I live to help people achieve fitness success. Fitness is my life.” Travis, Mat and ProCare can be found online at: www.procarephysicalfitness.com.