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Tony Lindauer

Arin Ralstin and Tony Lindauer, owners of Transformation Fitness and Wellness a personal training studio, are leading providers of preventative health care in the Indianapolis market. They have transformed thousands of lives utilizing fitness and wellness strategies and continue to develop cutting edge programs to address the growing healthcare crises. They have staffed qualified Fitness Professionals who they continue to develop professionally and personally to change even more lives. When Arin realized how she could change people’s lives by motivating them, she sought out a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. When she received her first success story of a client no longer relying on arthritis medicine, she was hooked! Tony understood the science behind fitness and wellness because of his Master’s of Science in Biomechanics, and became an advocate to educate clients on how to get the most out of their fitness. He has a passion to encourage all clients to challenge their bodies and take the tools from him and use them in their everyday life. A gentleman came in because of his extreme back pain and could not stand up straight. Tony, who understands pain himself, knows the value of living pain free; he has put his body through years of multiple contact sports. In a matter of months, Tony had helped him strengthen his body, stretch properly, and now he walks everyday pain free with his chest out! With the growing epidemic of unhealthy Americans, Arin and Tony are devoted to developing educated fitness and wellness solutions for all clients. When a person emails, calls, or walks through their door, they know they are going to be treated with integrity and a standard of care like no other. The Fitness Professionals at Transformation Fitness and Wellness must be educated, maintain a standard of personal health, and continue to develop themselves to best care for each client. The compassion they have when they see the physical and emotional pain of a client instantly makes them want to help alleviate that pain. Arin, Tony and their staff are in the business of change lives. They continue to do this every day and get the most gratification out of getting someone’s testimonial. Each testimonial is another life changed forever. Come be transformed and be their next testimonial!