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TJ Oosterkamp

Are you an entrepreneur and do you feel that you are working way too hard? Are the results you see not in line with all the time and effort that you put into your business? Did you envision success in a totally different way than how your work and life have turned out to be right now? TJ’s clients, one after another, have found that in working with him it is possible to work less, have serious fun, and make a lot more money. It all comes down to working based on who you are, instead of working according to somebody else’s ideas. Most business owners start their company with a great deal of enthusiasm, based on an idea, an ability to solve problems for their customers, and a lot of energy to make it all happen. But as the business grows, it becomes much harder to spend time on important and enjoyable work, such as creativity, strategy, innovation, and growth. Instead, your business starts to feel like a job in which you spend most of your time on stuff that needs to be done, but drains your energy levels. Things like selecting, hiring, and firing employees. Or, having to put up with a lot of red tape and just plain boring administrative stuff. At the end of the day, you drag yourself home, ready for another night of overtime work. And worst of all, there seems to be no way out! As a long-time entrepreneur, best-selling author, and productivity expert, TJ loves to help entrepreneurs to optimize their productivity. Together with his friend and colleague, Marlene Kruyswijk, he developed a proven system to help business owners free up two hours every day for strategy, innovation, and growth. It all started when TJ wrote a book about how to process your email in half the time. Together with his team, he inspired and trained professionals in businesses of all sizes, from small companies to multi-billion dollar enterprises like AkzoNobel, Vodafone, BDO, Boston Scientific, Damen Shipyards, Hennes & Mauritz, Heinz, ING Bank, KLM Air France, Toyota, Nestle, Pepsi Co, Philips, Reed Elsevier, Ricoh, and Unilever. But TJ finds that he enjoys his work most when he trains and coaches business owners who know that they themselves are the bottleneck in the growth and transformation of their business. They are men and women who want to beat the system and figure out better strategies to do things from their own personality. They want to learn better ways to work with employees, freelancers, and suppliers—loving simple tricks to get the most out of everything. They are business owners who don’t want to just improve their email, but also want to improve anything that moves! If that’s you, please surf to www.oIndigo.com and request TJ’s special report: “Five Ways to Sit on the Beach and Sip a Café Solo While Your Business Is Doing the Work for You.” www.oIndigo.com