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Stacey Weckstein

A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs think the secret to profitable success is wise time management. But ask Stacey Weckstein, and she’ll tell you the real secret to a successful business lies in energy management. She should know. She’s helped business people achieve dramatic improvements in their health – in turn, making them more motivated, capable and productive. With her keen ability to sense what works at the individual level, Stacey can help you upgrade your energy management skills and transform your health. She’ll create a personalized approach to nutrition that addresses your specific health challenges and helps you fuel your success. Stacey’s keen sense of what works is backed by a thorough education in health and nutrition. She’s a certified health counselor, having trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York (accredited by Columbia Teachers College). Stacey also spent a decade in management with some of the most successful food businesses in the country. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boston University, giving her a deep understanding of the motivations behind food and lifestyle choices. On top of that, Stacey is a natural whiz in the kitchen, given she’s both a classically trained culinary chef from Johnson & Wales University and a certified raw foods chef. Clients who seek Stacey’s guidance are ready ‘to get real and get wise’, both in terms of health and business goals. They’ve come to the point where they want to understand the “why” behind what energizes them, and they appreciate her no-nonsense approach to explaining this. Stacey can show you how to make eating healthy easy by applying simple doable strategies to your routines. She helps clients recognize food and nutrition as an asset that can propel them forward, not a hindrance that adds to their regular workload. Stacey creates customized plans that fit your business lifestyle and address your health challenges. Whether it’s just for you or for your entire staff, you’ll reap health benefits that contribute to both productivity and follow-through, ultimately, boosting your bottom line. If your health is preventing your business goals from reaching the next level, let Stacey show you how to regain control of your greatest asset — YOU. With her tailored guidance, you can upgrade your lifestyle choices and recharge your energy. Once you do, you’ll find that the quality of your work and daily experience soar. To sign up for Stacey’s newsletter and receive a free video teaching you how to make a powerful breakfast to start your day, visit her at: www.NutritionForBusinessOwners.com Wishing you good energy, productivity and profitability Stacey Weckstein, HHC AADP