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Siou-Foon Lee

It is about the journey, not the destination. In our anxiety to succeed we think so much about the destination we forget to enjoy the journey. When I first mastered Fengshui two decades ago, my first master told me to help people with my knowledge. I kept asking “Why me?". I was oblivious to the bigger plans lined up for me. After two years of indecision I took time off to decide but then a car accident changed my life. I recall my husband’s words “Your car has been taken off the road. What are you going to do now?”. That was an ‘aha’ moment. I resigned and followed my passion. My new Fengshui/BaZi career opened so many doors that would have never been possible had I stayed fully employed. I was propelled into the limelight. It was as if this had been waiting for me all along. I have now learnt it is important not to question “Why Me?” but to accept it as “Why Not Me?”. I have come this far in my journey through life ……......................................... My niche is Fengshui and BaZi which I pursued actively before going on a sabbatical. When I returned to resume business, I decided to keep my traditional practices alive by improving my practice. I collected a range of case studies paying attention to result oriented practices and learnt from a respected master with a long lineage. In this second wave of study, my mentor gave me great grounding in well tested principles. I feel blessed and thankful. Learning to be the trusted authority in my niche I learnt it is important to have a clear message, share and make a difference in peoples' lives. I also looked at turning something outside my comfort zone into a positive potential. Learning about internet marketing opened up my mind and helped me reach a wider audience. For me, it is about being flexible. What am I sharing……...................................... I want to share that if you have a passion, unleash it. Take action. Do not stand at the fringes undecided about whether you have what it takes. If you want to leave a legacy of making a difference in people’s lives, go ahead and do it. Never stop learning. It is the journey, not the destination. My legacy to my children and my grandchildren will be that I took the risk and trusted that my talents and passion will earn me a reputation that they can be proud of. The moral of my story is to honour your calling and pursue your passion. Until you read the signs, risk your comfort zone and trust that it is going to be alright you will find yourself in limbo. It is about finally crossing the threshold of fear, pursuing my passion and heeding what my master said I should do – to help others – a decision that changed my life. Master Siou-Foon Lee - master trainer, public speaker, co-author of "Cracking the Success Code". Website: http://www.fengshuiinnovations.com