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Roshan Ajanee

Roshan Ajanee, CPA, CFP®, is the President of Ajanee Wealth Management in Dallas, Texas and is recognized as an outstanding leader in today’s financial industry. He has been helping successful entrepreneurs develop winning investment strategies since 1993. Having been raised in an entrepreneurial family, he has a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities available to today’s enterprising business person. He specializes in a unique strategy of turning tax liabilities into wealth accumulation for his clients. Roshan’s practice is centered on his philosophy that “deferrable tax can be converted into permanent wealth through proper planning.” His goal is to help entrepreneurs take their worst possible investments, such as Income Taxes – which have zero possibility of any return on investment or return of principle – and turning that losing proposition into wealth. He believes the key to success is creating one simple process out of the age-old proven concepts of tax efficiency, diversification, compounding, rebalancing, dollarcost averaging, and low cost investing. In addition to being a CPA and CFP®, Roshan has a broad continuum of financial education and experience, as well as financial licenses and designations including series 6, 63, and 7. His clientele spans the entire business spectrum and includes from doctors and small business owners to CEO’s of successful companies. For eight years he hosted his own radio show, Dollar Bolta Hai (Dollar Talks), on 1110 AM, 700 AM and 104.9 FM in the greater Dallas, Texas market, where he discussed various financial issues and principles of interest to his audience. He is a sought after speaker and has addressed numerous professional groups including the Texas Indo-American Physicians’ Society (TIPS), the Association of Physicians of Pakistani-Decent of North America (APPNA), and the Tax Alliance of North Texas. Additional information about Roshan and Ajanee Wealth Management can be found at: www.ajaneewm.com. He can be contacted by phone at 972.484.0020 or by email at: [email protected].