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Richard McLean

Growing up in Daytona Beach, Florida immersed Richard McLean in seawater early in life. His passion for sea creatures and for sports came together at Florida State University where he played football, ran track and acquired a Ph. D. in marine biology. A career in marine research and environmental assessment has taken him from the warm seas of the South Pacific to the frozen seas of Antarctica. Having an expertise in shallow water environments resulted in being part of the Cousteau team that filmed “The Incredible March of the Spiny Lobsters” for the Undersea World of Jacque Cousteau television series. In addition, he was the technical advisor for the BBC’s Blue Planet Series, “The Tidal Seas” that showcased some of Dr. McLean’s research. Currently, the building of wetlands has dominated his scientific endeavors. However, developing a real estate expertise with his son Matt has evolved from a hobby to a serious business during the last seven years. Under the teaching of Ron LeGrand and his mentoring program, he has put his training to work to learn the science and art of real estate investing in any market in the United States. He has bought and sold properties in three states and is now concentrating on Tennessee where the techniques in the chapter coauthored with Matt are being successfully used to build a business that is worth writing about.