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Preston Rahn

Preston Rahn is an author, speaker, and coach that is regularly sought out by other leaders for his advice on high level marketing and sales strategies that really work. Preston is known for his unique perspective which comes from his background in graphic design, creating websites, marketing and sales. Preston has been in sales his whole life and started his online career in 1998 when he built his first website. Over the years Preston started, founded and partnered with many businesses and currently enjoys coaching, consulting and training professionals to improve their sales process so they can make more money and have a better life. He created his own Easy Sales Process that helps professionals connect emotionally with their prospects so they can significantly improve their conversion of prospects becoming clients in a fast and easy way." To Learn more about Preston Rahn, the “80% Sales Guy” and to experience “The New Rules of Sales Success”, visit (EasySalesProcess.com) or connect directly with Preston by visiting (LinkedIn.com/in/PrestonRahn).