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Patrick Phancao, Esq.

Patrick Phancao began his legal career as the Assistant Corporate Counsel to a privatized bank abroad. He then came back to California as the General Counsel to a multi-million dollar supplemental nutrients company. Patrick is a Patent & Trademark attorney, and is licensed to practice in California and Florida. In 2003, he participated in the biggest individual tax fraud case in the nation. This single experience ignited within him a desire to learn everything he could about Estate Planning and Asset Protection. He further went on to represent affluent members of the Florida community, dealing with all aspects of Estate Planning, Asset Protection and Corporate Governance. Realizing the void in the market place for handling clients in a personable and educational manner, Patrick opened his own firm with his partner, who shared similar family and professional values. On a personal level, Patrick was raised in Europe and Africa. He was exposed to many cultures at a very young age, and attributes his language skills to his travels abroad. Traveling to so many different countries made him realize and appreciate the values of a family. Whether a client is looking to protect his family, create a solid business structure, or would simply like to learn more about an issue in the field of Estate Planning; Phancao & Shaffer, LLP is proud to provide all necessary information so the client can make an educated decision. To find out more about what you have just read, please visit us at www.pslawyers.com, we look forward to serving you and your family!