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John Nicholls

John Nicholls is an internationally-known trainer and coach, specialising in resilience, staff wellbeing and leadership development. His extraordinary talent for establishing rapport has helped John support thousands of teachers around the world, who value his common sense, caring guidance and good-humoured approach to their professional and personal development. John first came to public prominence when, as a school principal facing significant budget shortfalls, he took a pay cut, worked a four-day week and saved the jobs of class assistants in his school. This considerate act was broadcast on the BBC, Sky and ITV news and widely reported in the UK newspapers. Receiving letters from around the world, he was congratulated on his actions. This steadfast focus on supporting staff morale and his ability to create positive environments for students, parents, teachers, board members and the local community led to new opportunities. John succeeded in running the award-winning “Norfolk Wellbeing Programme”, working with nearly one thousand volunteers to improve the morale and subjective wellbeing of over 28,000 employees in 400 schools. A big part of his success was due to his talent to encourage dialogue and create consensus across various interest groups. John’s professional development work with teachers crosses four continents with workshops in eighteen countries. His coaching skills training is highly regarded and his resilience and stress management work has improved the professional and personal lives of hundreds of school leaders. The Resilient Leader Programme, developed and run by John, is a two-day training on building healthy habits to support resilience, dealing with people we find difficult, and practical problem solving. It is supported by nine confidential monthly coaching sessions. As well as helping schools build coaching schemes and capacity in their organizations, John advises schools on staff morale and relationship issues. His TEDx Reykjavik talk on “How To Create A Fantastic Working Environment In Your School.” has won him new fans around the world.