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John Dewey

John states: Trillions of dollars will pass from generation to generation over the next forty years; I’ve seen first-hand what happens when a lack of wealth planning issues are either ignored or only glimpsed, without thorough thought. Families can be torn apart, divorce becomes more prevalent, children lose communication with parents and grandparents. Siblings might stop speaking to each other. Most, if not all, of this family discord can be avoided.

John Dewey offers both personal and professional insight into the world of high net worth multigenerational families, especially those with family businesses. He is one of several third generation heirs of a successful construction company and has experienced the psychological challenges that wealth and family business often causes.

After a painful meltdown of relationships in his own family and the successful intervention of a family wealth coach more than twenty years ago, John dedicated his life to helping others in his somewhat unique position. He holds a master’s degree in psychology and his doctoral dissertation addressed the benefits and challenges of privilege.

John and Maureen have been married for twenty years and have four children. Together they have experienced many challenges in determining how to encourage their children to grow and develop in an environment where assets are plentiful.

The Dewey family lives in rural Minnesota in a renovated barn; they are active in their church and Boy Scouts and they value their community. John advocates, educates and coaches high net worth families, heirs, and their advisors.

John is passionate about breaking the self-imposed silence that plagues many families. He works to strengthen family members, as individuals and participants with a unique heritage, allowing them to prosper from generation to generation through his unique Prosperitage process. For more information, go to JohnDewey.com or call 866-945-9950.