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John (Johnny B) Bretthauer

John Bretthauer (better known as Johnny B) didn't realize it but his entire life has been building to his current position as team leader of the Johnny B Team at REMAX. Age 13, he became an Eagle Scout.

At age 15, he was awarded a work research grant by Buzz Aldrin (the second man to walk on the moon) to work at NASA. At age 17, he partnered with a NASA scientist and co-founded a technology company. Johnny's passion for technology became pillar one.

At 18, he attended a Kempo Karate school and was beat black-and-blue on day one. His instructor said, "in the years I've taught, I've never seen anyone in such bad shape." Johnny became a black belt and studied in 8 schools of different styles, took college wrestling and yoga. Johnny learned discipline and it became his second pillar.

In 1977, Johnny met Vicki, the love of his life and moved to Iowa – at that time a technology desert. He took a job as a door-to-door insurance salesman. He learned to listen, connect, build rapport, develop discipline and persuasive skills. This brutal boot camp became pillar three.

In 1984 he founded a worldwide training company and published several books. His 204 presenters conducted trainings in Universities, hospitals, and all the branches of the military including local police and special forces. The marketing to develop 58,000 clients and the organizational and leadership skills became the fourth pillar.

Drawn to the financial potential in real estate, Johnny purchased numerous rental homes. He developed an investment strategy that has proven to be very profitable for himself and his clients. His fascination with the financial power and the proper use and danger of leverage became the fifth pillar.

In 2004, the world's number one best producing real estate agent, Jim Droz, agreed to mentor him long before he became an agent. Johnny is a believer in world-class mentors and the power of standing on the shoulders of giants. This short cut to greatness, world-class mentors is the sixth pillar.

In 2005, Johnny B joined REMAX and began applying his six pillars and using his skills to help his clients get unfair advantages - legally and ethically.

In 2008, he published a book to help families avoid foreclosure, "Wipe Out Your Debt With Bailout Money." Many people kept their homes through his efforts. His Bay Area radio show, Real Estate Rumble, was aired on KDOW and KNEW to provide the public with real estate information and protection.

He was interviewed on America’s Premier Experts in Washington, DC by Emmy award winning director and producer, Nick Nanton.

He holds the Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI) designation and HAFA Short Sale Certification. His favorite credential is the referrals he receives from agents around the country, attorneys and most importantly his raving fans - his past clients.

To schedule a no cost/no obligation, private Strategic Consultation for your customized Action Plan, call Johnny B at (408) 786-8904 or go to GoJohnnyB.com.