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Joe Orsak

Joe Orsak is the Chief Marketing Officer and a previous talk radio host for one of the fastest growing credit restoration companies in the United States. The company has grown at a rate of over three hundred percent for the last three years and achieved the rank of Consumer Voted #1 in Texas for 2010 and 2011 consecutively. Orsak is frequently sought for speaking engagements on radio and in person on the topic of the power of obtaining clarity of purpose for building a wildly successful business. As an ordained minister trained in psychology and marketing, Orsak brings a unique approach to the concept of building a wildly successful business. The approach is based on practical experience and previous successes. Happily married for nearly two decades and a father of two, he understands the power of balance and foundation in tapping into the power of purpose and applying it to all areas of life for extreme fulfillment.