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Jim Onder

Jim Onder is the managing partner at the law firm of Onder, Shelton, O’Leary & Peterson, LLC based in St. Louis, Missouri. Jim has developed a national reputation in the field of Products Liability. Jim regularly travels throughout the country handling medical and pharmaceutical product liability claims, as well as catastrophic injury and death product liability claims involving fork lifts, tractor trailer under ride protection, crane accidents, and auto claims involving gas tank explosions and seat belt enhanced injury claims. Jim is generally recognized as the national advocate and authority on mini-blind and window covering safety, regularly interviewed and quoted by such nation media as The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. Jim Onder and his partner, Jim Corrigan, are considered the foremost authorities in the field of window covering litigation, having represented over 50 families whose children have died or been catastrophically injured on window covering cords in federal and state courts throughout the country.

Jim and his law firm are committed to seeing the window covering battle through to its end. No other law firm in the country has accumulated the information, nor invested the resources necessary to take on the Industry as a whole. Jim is committed to effecting real change for the safety of our children. His law firm has truly raised the bar and increased the price associated with the Industry’s decision to jeopardize the lives of our children.

For more information on window cord hazards, please visit Jim’s website at www.miniblindlitigation.com or his law firm site at www.onderlaw.com. To Jim and the families he represents, window covering litigation is not about money; it is about making a difference and effecting real change. Jim truly believe that Working together, he and his clients can make a difference.