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Gregory Pierre-Louis

Gregory Pierre-Louis was born on August 14th in New York City, by his parents, Marie Pierre and Wilson Pierre-Louis, natives of the Caribbean island formerly known as Hispaniola, particularly from the capital of Haiti known as Port-Au-Prince. He was raised an only child, and was not your typical rebellious teenager. As a teenage boy, he found solace in actively trying to understand the world around him, and adamantly attempted to get those closest to him to see the world through his eyes, influencing anyone around him by instilling positivity into them. At twenty-five, he had a spiritual awakening and began to pursue his writing and goals of entrepreneurship. He determined early on that he wanted to be a writer and entrepreneur, but was discouraged by family, who saw no future in pursuing those goals. Gregory's non-rebellious adolescence allowed him to develop a great relationship with his parents. “As an adult, I can look back and not hold anything against my parents. They did what they thought was best for me, although most of the time, their strict cultural ways clashed with the modernized lifestyle of the Western Civilization that we live in. I grew up in a family that didn't just want you to be intelligent, but also intellectually curious. I was taught to have empathy for others and learned to empower my Self, ultimately leading to a healthy self-esteem”. After working in several professions, mostly healthcare related, Gregory changed his life's course, and decided to become an entrepreneur. Now, Founder and President of three businesses based in New York, he feels that his outreach and goals of influencing the world positively are no longer limited. He even resigned from his other jobs, and devoted himself mostly to his businesses and the craft of writing. Many people find Gregory's writing to have a motivational and inspiring touch. He distinguishes himself by having a sense of what he calls “Self”, making it a point for people to understand that when goals are set, they are to be pursued by what is in their heart for no one other than themselves and not for the appeasement or happiness of anyone else. In an interview Gregory states, “if people focused more on empowering themselves, they would have more substance to contribute to the world and making it a better place overall”. Since the launch of his businesses, Gregory Pierre-Louis' career has expanded exponentially. As a self-taught entrepreneur, Gregory was able to put together what seemed to be one-man business operations while working two full-time jobs. The success of these ventures have influenced his family, friends, acquaintances and many others to reach out to him. He has grown into being a role-model and mentor, helping others with their personal issues, as well as any business advice he can offer. He aspires to start a charity one day to introduce modern technology to under-developed countries. Today, Gregory Pierre-Louis travels globally sharing his story and teaching what he knows to other developing entrepreneurs and those interested in entrepreneurship. Living what he calls “a blessed life”, he is at home in New York, where he was born and raised, and he remains close to the loving family and friends who supported him in his journey and ascent to entrepreneurial success.