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Gregg Viscuso

Gregg Viscuso, President, wellnessiD; Corporate Wellness Trainer; Certified in Exercise and Sports Nutrition; Body Transformation Specialist. Gregg is a former wimpy kid and a self-proclaimed “work in progress” that has tried and perfected many methods of exercise over the years. After 27 years of using trial and error, and the power of Evidence Based Fitness and Nutrition (the practice of using scientific studies to compare different exercise and diet protocols to determine which is the most effective), he now is ready to share all of his years of work and study to get you in the healthiest shape of your life!. Upon graduating from college he has worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 25 years. He has seen firsthand that physicians need a “go to” source they can count on with scientific knowledge, the ability to teach, and a passionate person who wants everyone to enjoy each day of their life with health, vim and vigor!!! They value and trust his opinions! As a former high school athlete and a life-long workout junkie, he discovered his calling was to empower others to forever change their bodies and lives for the better. Gregg has the unique ability to translate his own personal failures into remarkable successes for the people he works with. Gregg is best known as the owner of wellnessiD LLC, http://www.wellnessid. net where physician’s patients, corporations, and everyday people go to find the Holy Grail of Wellness. By using Evidence-Based Fitness and Nutrition, Gregg answers the ultimate question; What is the fastest and most effective way to work out and eat to be the healthiest and fit I can be? If you would like to know more about the answer, please visit: www.wellnessid.net Gregg is also widely considered to be the area’s leading fitness boot camp expert. He owned and operated West Chester Fit Body Boot Camp in West Chester, PA, which featured 30-minute express metabolic boot camp workouts for busy professionals looking to optimize body composition, performance, and overall health. Gregg is also a Corporate Fitness and Health Trainer for one of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world. Here he works with all level of employees to increase their everyday energy, improve their nutrition and help them with goal setting and stress reduction. With the rising health costs, employers have discovered that an active and healthy lifestyle benefits the company as employees have more energy, less sick days and a more positive attitude that all benefit the bottom line!!! He conducts live presentations for corporations on fitness, nutrition and stress reduction. He can even bring his world-renowned boot camps directly to your work place. Gregg is also passionate about helping fitness professionals all over the world by helping more people in order to solve the raging obesity epidemic crippling our world. He lectures as a presenter for his expertise in fitness and nutrition program design and his knowledge in Sports and Exercise Nutrition, in which he is certified. Gregg also trains young athletes at all level to become stronger, increase speed and agility, and enhance their nutrition. Many of his athletes have achieved scholarships at Division 1 and Division 2 colleges. Gregg has also had the pleasure to watch some of his athletes make it to the professional sports level! Not only have athletes achieved their goals by using his workouts and nutrition advice, but everyday people have also reached their goals as his programs have been used nationally. To learn more about Gregg Viscuso and wellnessiD, please visit: http://www.wellnessid.net and his email address is: [email protected] In Health and Wellness!