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Derek Decater

Derek Decater is the owner of Decater Performance just outside of Seattle, Washington. Known for his comprehensive approach to adult fat loss bootcamps and his expertise in training baseball players, Derek is a performance coach sought after in the Greater Seattle area. Derek earned his bachelor’s degree in physiology from the University of Arizona’s School of Medicine while also playing for the Wildcat Baseball Program. Derek went on to earn his CSCS from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and began training soon after graduation. After taking a position as Wellness Director at a local physical therapy clinic, Derek made the decision to take what he learned in the physical therapy field and start applying it to performance training. Derek’s science-driven fat loss bootcamps are quickly becoming the model for those in the industry. Having combined his expertise in Russian kettlebell training, TRX training, injury prevention and corrective exercise, nutrition, metabolic training and strength training, Derek’s bootcamps have consistently produced results all while staying in-line with his most core belief, that training should not only be about fat loss but about improving health and function. Always mindful that not all exercises are right for all people at all times, Derek’s bootcamps are always adapting, from member to member, from class to class, so that everyone walks away feeling better, looking better and most importantly – educated on exercise and nutrition. Athletes at all levels have gravitated towards Derek’s approach to performance training. Derek has proven that strength, power and performance can all be achieved while maintaining an emphasis on total body function and injury prevention. His athletes not only gain strength and power, but also reduce their risk of injury. Whether coming to Derek for fat loss or athletics, clients soon see the difference between working out and training. You can find-out more about Derek and Decater Performance at: www.DecaterPerformance.com Or at his blog: www.DerekDecater.com