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Darren Garland

Darren Garland is a real world fitness expert who specializes in fat loss and lifestyle improvement for women. Known for his unorthodox ability to get clients results, he has helped thousands of people incinerate unwanted body fat. In addition to being the founder of Emerge Fitness Center, he is also the creator of the “Muffin-Top Meltdown” fitness program, which has been featured on both NBC and ABC. Darren has gone from fat kid to fitness expert. At one point he was 370 pounds, unhealthy, unhappy, and lacking confidence. His personal journey to a healthy body and lifestyle is what sparked his passion for helping others achieve their goals To learn more about Darren Garland, the real world fitness expert and receive his Muffin-Top Meltdown report please visit: www.emergefitnessnj.com.