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Chris Morris

Chris Morris started at a Big 8 accounting firm, went into industry where he held positions ranging from Planning Manager to Assistant Secretary and Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer for several large corporations in Georgia. He was also President of two divisions of companies. He took four companies public. During that time period, he also managed money for three insurance companies and ran a hedge fund. In 1990, Chris started a CPA practice, Chris Morris & Associates, PC. Subsequently he created a financial planning company known as CMA Financial Services. CMA Financial Services mission is to serve and work for the client. We offer comprehensive financial services in the areas of financial planning, money management, estate planning, insurance, tax preparation and tax planning. Our firm was founded on the highest ethical standards and puts every client’s success first. Our goal is not to sell but to help our clients achieve their goals for reasons that are important to them. Aligning our clients’ goals with their most deeply held values allows us to guide them on a path that ensures their future success and happiness. CMA is unique because we use a team of professionals who work together to guide our clients through the world’s financial challenges. Most people have to seek out and hire a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM, money manager, insurance specialists, attorneys and tax professionals separately. They then have to meet with them individually, extract the advice and piece that advice together themselves, in hopes to find a path that will help them achieve financial success. These same people often wind up frustrated when the uncoordinated advice of their professionals, who don’t meet together, doesn’t work and their path takes a turn for the worst. We guide our clients along the path to achieving their goals for reasons that are important to them. We bring this team together to offer comprehensive, coordinated and consolidated advice to each client. Our professionals span a wide range of financial services and include all of the professions listed above. We believe the best way to ensure our clients achieve their goals is to have these financial professionals meet together and recommend client action as a team instead of individually. The team must also see our client’s future success as paramount. The better the quality of our services, the greater will be the success of our clients. The greatest reward we receive is when our clients achieve all of their goals for reasons that are important to them. For more information call: 770-493-7578 www.cmawizards.com