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Bekki Harper

Bekki Harper is a principal planner and producer with Strategic Advisor Group, LLC. Her passion for financial services ignited over 9 years ago and her constant hunger for excellence keeps her in the forefront of her profession. As a dedicated Bank On Yourself Advisor she is an advocate and educator in financial freedom. Bekki is a Certified Cash Flow Coach, a member of Tucson Marketing Professionals and a supporter of various other professional organizations. Being an investor herself, Bekki is enthusiastic about deepening the pockets of investors and regularly sponsors and coordinates investor workshops. Bekki is known for caring as much about her client’s money as they care about it themselves. Bekki co-founded what is now Strategic Advisers Group’s College Positioning Division. College Positioning is essential to families desiring the best college experience for their student. Bekki is known for “getting good students, free money, for college.” Tens of thousands of dollars are available, when students draw the attention of college recruiters, by following the steps provided them. Families are able to navigate the process of college acceptance and enrollment with confidence and ease. She is instrumental in lowering cost burdens and safeguarding family assets via “Bank On Yourself” strategies and more. In addition, Bekki works with school officials to coordinate scholastic Essay Contests at the middle and high school level. Every year the winning students, with their families, are awarded ongoing personal college coaching that continues throughout their college career. Bekki lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband of over 22 years and their daughter. She is very active in charitable causes and regularly participates in efforts to give back to her community. “Introducing my clients to companies that have stood the test of time, for decades, companies that have prospered faithfully for over 100 years, is rewarding. Discovering solid financial tools resonated in me that all the people I know and care about need to know about this.” “I love going to sleep at night, knowing, no one is ever going to get hurt, and their lives are only going to be better because I was in it” To learn more about Bekki Harper and how you can receive the free report to “Making Your Money Work Harder for You” visit www.StrategicAdvisorGroup.com or call 1-520-577-5506 www.StrategicAdvisorGroup.com