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Adiel Gorel

Adiel Gorel has more than three decades of successful real estate investing experience. As the founder and CEO of ICG (International Capital Group) Real Estate Investments, a world-renowned real estate investment firm founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1987, he has helped investors utilize one of the most powerful investment tool--single-family Homes in affordable markets throughout the United States. Gorel teaches people how to have fun with a process most find complex and speaks to audiences large and small about the importance of securing a strong financial future for retirement, business investing, and financing college education.

An inspirational, dynamic and heartfelt speaker, he uses his winning sense of humor to deliver ideas to the audience they find value in and can benefit from. Audiences can begin using the tools he teaches right away. Mr. Gorel speaks worldwide and throughout the U.S., sharing his knowledge on numerous topics including securing a powerful financial future, investing in single-family homes, and the 30-year fixed rate mortgage. Other topics can be requested.