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Adam Robinson

Since 1989, Internet marketing pioneer Adam Robinson, has been selling real estate in Southwest Florida. As the Internet evolved, he realized that online marketing would transform business and become a Realtors’® primary marketing tool for selling real estate. Adam realized that even a state of the art website is only as valuable as the traffic it receives, and the leads it generates. His mission became to master the knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Strategies include site architecture optimization, content optimization, meta tag optimization, free and paid link-building and much more. In 2005, after working for and owning several national franchises, Adam opened his own real estate firm. With his wealth of information and motivating advice, he is able to hand-pick the agents who share his passion for combining high technology with personal service. Describing his business philosophy, Robinson recently commented:— “Our systems are constantly improving each year. I am eager to learn what other Internet marketing pioneers in the country are using, and to adapt the most successful systems to the real estate business. For our agents, we strive to successfully optimize their personal and business websites with the goal of getting them more traffic, and ultimately, more clients. These skills earn our agents hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. With constant improvements, our systems continue to be highly efficient in selling our agents’ listings, as well as in locating homes for our agents’ clients. I feel that when the market gets more difficult, it opens up an amazing opportunity to gain market share. In real estate, you must always be improving and delivering the highest service possible to your agents in order to be successful. “You not only have to provide the absolute best service to survive in this industry, but you must also net your agents more money.”