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Adam Morden

Adam Morden can’t say he’s done it all, but he has certainly done a lot. As a man who studied the art of boxing and ballroom dancing at the same time, he is a study in contrasts. Known as a rebel in his teenage years, he has owned the titles of stuntman, commercial diver, bartender, and youth leader all the while biking down mountains and climbing steep rock faces. He loves a challenge and pursues any interest with an obsessive, overriding passion. He is a firm believer that a life without experience is a life without living. A desire to share the secrets of a vibrant life full of exhilarating experiences inspired him to carve a career in fitness and health. At a time when North America was grasped in the clutches of severe recession, Adam opened a successful training boutique in Hamilton, Ontario. His charisma, knowledge, and care for his clients quickly translated into making him a community leader. The tag line for Adam Morden’s gym is “building your extraordinary.” This phrase speaks to the level of commitment Adam instills in his clients furthering his goal of building lively lives. Olympic competitors and reformed couch potatoes alike receive unwavering encouragement paired with sound scientific knowledge that demands results. His small gym has received numerous accolades including best co-ed facility and best personal trainer, beating out giants that have been around much longer. Adam is often sought out to share his knowledge in fitness and nutrition as a contributor to national newspapers and as a lecturer to medical professionals at McMaster University. With his building success Adam feels a duty to share his knowledge to a wider audience by managing a popular blog and contributing information online. Adam has learned, through the thousands of athletes he’s had the pleasure to coach, that conventional methods need serious revision. It’s time for a health revolution. Traditional schools of thought that haven’t accepted current science and evidence are not only holding people back from reaching their potential; they are literally causing a health crisis. Adam isn’t satisfied to simply critique the old ways, he also has a guaranteed, proven solution. Adam’s goal for sharing the secrets in this chapter are simple and resonate with his life mission and message: it’s time to start living, it’s time to be vibrant. Highly accredited, Adam Morden (NSCA-CPT, CSCS, Cross-Fit Level 2, NCCP Boxing and Weightlifting Coach, etc), is the founder of Vegetarian Power TV. This organization is dedicated to showing how a plant based diet is the path to a strong, healthy body and a powerful, passionate life. He is committed to building your extraordinary. You can reach Adam via his website at http://www.vegetarianpower.tv where you can sign up for his e-newsletter, and receive free guides and articles on living an extraordinary life through good health and nutrition. You can also connect on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vegetarianpowertv.