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Aaron Benes

Aaron began his career as a coach at the very young age of 14, and has continued coaching a wide variety of clients ranging from AYSO soccer players to college and professional athletes. Having a strong thirst for knowledge and a desire to enhance the lives of others, Aaron graduated with a BS in Kinesiology with honors and then became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the NSCA. Aaron is also a certified Sport Performance Coach (certified to coach Olympic style weightlifting) under United States Weightlifting and a Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (Level 2). He continues to study under some of the top strength, fitness, health and nutrition experts in the country. Having spent the last decade being coached by and training with many world champions in Power-lifting, Olympic weightlifting and professional Strongman, his under the bar experience and knowledge is rather extensive. Along with his far-reaching knowledge in the fitness industry, Aaron is also a Destination Coach (certified life coach) and currently working on his doctorate in spiritual studies at Emerson University. On a mental and spiritual level, Aaron’s diligence toward understanding the human condition and human mind is rather apparent in his approach towards individually addressing each and every person he works with. Several years ago, on a quest to find inner peace and happiness, Aaron set out to heal his wounded heart. Having to deal with issues of abandonment, anger, regret, his parent’s divorce, major conflicts, trauma, and a broken heart, forced him to seek help outside of his field. In doing so, he became not only a more compassionate person, but was so motivated by his own personal transformation that he now employs the tools of his mentors. This journey enabled him to see with compassion, listen with empathy and produce incredibly effective and lasting change for his clients. Aaron’s strong desire to help people become fit, healthy and happy is apparent in the passion he puts into his work. His compassion and understanding for the human spirit reveals itself in the manner in which he helps each client not only meet their physical goals, but also grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Aaron works with clients from all different backgrounds and believes in treating each person as the unique individual they are. Every journey at Imagine If starts with an initial Strategy Session and a Body Blueprint so that a customized program can be written to address each individual’s particular needs. Each client receives a personalized fitness program, nutritional counseling, and life coaching that reflect his or her needs to accomplish their goals. The client’s progress at Imagine If is fueled by the customized programs that adapt and grow as the client does. Because Aaron is equipped with a wide variety of knowledge, he specializes in a holistic approach and addresses each client on a physical, mental, and emotional level; essentially helping them become their best self while allowing them to live the life of their dreams. You can reach Aaron through his website: imagineiffitness.com or call (949)475-5555 or email: [email protected]. He is available for a variety of services including fitness coaching, life coaching, nutritional counseling, consultations, speaking engagements and workshops.